Episode 41: September 5, 2023

@cobradave + @disco_lu Twitter Space

Recorded with @disco_lu a few months ago, Davy and Luis go rapid-fire on various design system hiring, component-building philosophies, and training. See below for timestamps.

(1:25): How Davy got started in DS

(6:00): Package my narrative as DS designer

(7:00): How to posture yourself to obtain your ideal position

(8:34): How to utilize existing job postings internally mentioning DS to get into your ideal position

(11:43): Davy’s way to cope with current layoffs

(13:05): Shift to more community in DS in the last few years

(14:05): How do we open the door for greater collaboration vs governance

(15:34): Merging with another team, how do we navigate

(17:04): How do you deal with change and keep working moving along

(18:16): How do you operationalize the merging of teams, files, ceremonies

(20:44): Where does design ops and product management intersect

(21:55): How do we deprioritize the pixels and prioritize planning

(26:10): Refactoring to infinity when not tied to a specific timeline

(29:05): Clear business objective around brand updates

(29:45): Sometimes even with apps like gmail, it takes a while to roll out updates

(30:44): Uber components that can do anything, is this the right method for most

(32:44): Design and engineering parity

(35:54): Separating components to be distinct use cases so you can see what you’re getting.

(36:55): Thinking tactically like an engineer

(37:40): File Hygiene

(38:28): Training and education and how to use your system as intended

(40:15): Watching people is the best way to learn

(41:22): Regular open office hours for any role

(41:51): Telling people what you’re working on and what’s coming

(43:12): Writing posts to talk about your work

(44:40): Collecting resources and learning together

(45:38): Doing a demo and going first to show best practice. Lead the way.

(47:23): Working an understanding how a specific component use case, doing a live design session.

(48:23): Systemizing training vs having 1:1s.

(49:00): Whether you need a design system